Here’s the first thing that I want you to know about me: I’m a highly-seasoned, well-trained storyteller with a strong passion for bringing characters to life.

My university degrees and all of my professional work has immersed me in this world, and taken me across the globe—from East to West coasts in the United States, into international waters (my favorite to-date being Australia). Believing that we are always learning, I am forever coaching/training to dive even more deeply into bringing stories to life.

I am currently based in NYC, but I have the ability to work local hire in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

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"There is a reason I have asked Kyle Ivey to return to our theatre company again and again - Kyle is a professional through and through. His incredible and transformative talent got him the job the first time around, but it is his infectious passion and consummate professionalism that have ensured his position as a go-to collaborative artist for our organization."

Scott Daniel
Executive Artist Director
Mountain Theatre Company

"I had the sincere pleasure of directing Kyle Ivey in a summer stock production of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. Only just out of college, Kyle's dedication and professionalism throughout rehearsal and performance was exemplary. He worked hard at finding inventive and funny ways to play Hero, a role I did myself at age sixteen. I thought I knew all there was to be mined comedically with this part, but Kyle discovered new ways with the songs, as well as his physical comedy, that surprised me. Hero may not go too deep, but that didn't stop Kyle from exploring all the depths of humor in the character. I would not hesitate to cast him in something again when the opportunity next presents itself."

Ron Fassler
Author of Up In The Cheap Seats: A Historical Memoir of Broadway

"Kyle Ivey is a talented and dedicated musical theatre performer who has taken lessons with me since 2017. Kyle is extremely motivated and focused; he always comes to lessons with new discoveries to discuss, which makes our lessons a joy. He is willing to step out of his comfort zone and explore new physical and vocal techniques, making him an invaluable asset to any creative team. Kyle is also a captivating storyteller, and I’ve been very impressed with his work as an actor as well as a singer. Kyle’s positive attitude, humility, and genuine kindness make him an absolute joy to work with, and I can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone looking for a gifted and committed professional."

Andrew Byrne
Author of The Singing Athlete
Voice Teacher in NYC

"From the moment I first auditioned Kyle for American Stage’s production of Mamma Mia his singing and dancing abilities immediately stood out, even though he wasn't the right fit for that particular production. Recognizing his potential, I recommended him to the artistic director for Alhambra Theatre and Dining, and Kyle proved to be an invaluable asset in the ensemble of Big: The Musical. When Kyle auditioned for Alhambra’s production of The Little Mermaid, his singing and stage charisma made him a distinguished candidate for the role of Prince Eric, and his consistent high-quality performances were a testament to his talent and professionalism. Kyle's dedication, versatility, and ability to adapt to different roles make him an exceptional performer and a valuable addition to any production."

Shain Stroff
Vice President of Production
Alhambra Theatre and Dining

"I had the pleasure of working with Kyle Ivey on multiple occasions between 2019-2021. After casting him in two episodes of Snapped in 2019, Kyle's remarkable ability to immerse himself in the two roles left a lasting impression on me. When the time came, I knew he was the perfect fit for the complex lead character in my short feature, The Absurdist, which Kyle embraced with unwavering commitment. During the production, he went above and beyond, growing out his hair and beard for the role (only to shave off both in one take), creating a powerful and authentic moment on screen. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic delaying our film several times, Kyle seamlessly stepped back into the character, bringing a new layer of depth to the entire production. In the end, Kyle's unique talent and work ethic set him apart, and I look forward to the next opportunity that we can work together."

Robert Ivkovic
Filmmaker from East Tennessee